Widowmaker Broadheads
widowmaker 215 Dangerous Game

Introducing the new Widowmaker 215gr

402 Stainless Steel Blade 1.2mm Thickness

Industrial Steel Ferrule

Tanto Tip

Overall length 65mm

Cutting Diameter 28mm (1 1/8”)

                                                           Widowmaker Success Pics

All New Widowmaker Solid in 125grs, 175grs and 250grs

Widowmaker Broadheads have been designed in Australia to meet the demanding requirements of the Australian hunter.

Both Broadheads have proven to be extremely strong and are capable of being shot over and over again with little to no damage and come presharpened. They are available in 2 sizes, the Standard 130gr and the Dangerous Game 215gr. 

The 2 sizes will cover all game from the humble Rabbit to mighty Buffalo.

No more decisions as to what head to use for different game.  The one head will cover all.  The 130gr is ideal for the Compound Hunter and the 215gr for the Traditional Hunter.

Mick with a NT Water Buffalo shot with 215gr DG

Mick Baker owner and designer of the Widowmaker BH doing some field testing.

Mick with a great Chital shooting the 130gr WM

widowmaker 130

Introducing the new Widowmaker 130gr

303 Stainless Steel Blade .91mm Thickness

Aircraft Aluminium Ferrule

Tanto Tip

Overall length 70mm

Cutting Diameter 28mm (1 1/8”)

To become a distributer please contact Mick Baker at :

mrbaker@bigpond.net.au  or Phone :  0427 798 387

For direct purchases please PAYPAL to : mrbaker@bigpond.net.au

Retail Prices : 130gr Widow Maker 6 pack.        $48 plus shipping 

                       : 215gr Dangerous Game 6 pack   $48 plus shipping

                       : Solids per 3 pack                           $45 plus shipping

Shipping Australia:         $3 Per Pack. Additional Packs at $2 each.

Shipping International :  $5 Per Pack. Additional Packs at $3 each.

*Prices displayed on website may vary.

               150gr                                       175gr                                            250gr

125gn 28mm wide, 44mm length 26mm cutting edge.

175gn 30mm wide, 50mm length 31mm cutting edge.
250gn 32mm wide, 60mm length 37mm cutting edge.

1095 Tool Steel
52 Rockwell

Black Solid CNC machined Broadhead.

Super Strong with reverse cutters for ease of extraction and ultimate damage.